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Who We Service

We service chiropractors, retail stores, restaurants, real estate agents, health clubs, salons, spas, attorneys, dentists, medical doctors, churches, schools, auto dealers, car rental facilities, affiliate / information marketers, bands, nightclubs, bars, and much more.

Rollover Text Message Credits

DC Mobile Text includes a benefit no other text messaging service offers: Roll-over Texts. It means that if you don’t text as much one month, we will roll-over your unused text credits to the following month. Beware of seemingly “inexpensive” message prices from our competitors.

If they charge you 5 cents per message in their monthly plans, the effective price of that message in reality is much higher than 5 cents because you lose them when you can’t use all of them in a particular month. With DC Mobile Text, whatever text messages you don’t use you get to keep!

Just an FYI. Sending a mobile text message to a US phone number costs 1 text credit (i.e. sending a text message to 100 mobile phones costs 100 text credits). Sending to an international mobile number costs 2.5 text credits per number.

Mobile Keywords

Mobile Keyword technology is currently only supported in the US. That means if someone tries to text your Mobile Keyword to 96362 outside of the US, they will not be able to automatically join your distribution list and they will not receive an automated text response from you.

However, you can create an Online Sign-up Page where people can enter their international mobile numbers very easily. You can also select a professionally designed sign-up page template to link to your website.

Additional Rollover Text Credits

If you need more text message credits added to your account right away you can always buy buckets of text credits in your members area (at any time). All of your text message credits always roll-over to the following month so you never lose them.