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The Unlimited Power of Text Marketing

We live in a world where less is more. TV commercials, which used to be one-minute, are now 15 seconds long. Movies that used to average two hours now average about 90 minutes. Writing bullets are more popular than paragraphs, sports highlight reels more popular than the actual games and text messaging more popular than talking on the phone.

It makes you think that with text message marketing, where you’re limited to a total of 160 characters, that maybe there’s very little room with which to play. In a way, there is very little and in another way, there’s a whole lot.

Expansive Text Message Marketing

When you think about it, the use of text message marketing is expansive. By utilizing this relatively new marketing tool, you’re connecting with people you may never otherwise reach. Here’s who you’re reaching.

·    People who never read mailers.
·    Those who commute long distances.
·    Anyone who texts.
·    People who rarely talk on the phone.
·    People who read less and watch more.
·    Those who can’t live without their phone.

That’s a lot of people.

More and Less

With text message marketing, it’s really about directly connecting with many more people than you would through any other medium. The operative word is “directly.” Messages go right to people who have said they want to receive them. That’s why text message marketing has a 90% read rate and a success rate of anywhere from 10% to 30%. You’re getting “more” in this way than you ever can with any other form of marketing, including advertising via email.

The “less” in text marketing is twofold. One point is that there are very few words used in this kind of marketing and the other is that it takes far less effort than other types of advertising. No images, quick words and instant sales!

Quick Message Equals Quick Reaction

Text messages tend to get read right away and demand an instant reaction. Because they are short, people often follow through quickly, making up their minds immediately. Thus, you get an instant response from this type of advertising. There’s nothing else like it.

Use it Now!

Text message marketing is happening now. Businesses that are using it are getting great response rates. This is not a thing that’s destine to take off in the future. It is one of the newest and most effective advertising platforms to ever exist. Tap into the fastest advertising in the world and utilize its limits in an unlimited fashion. You really do get more for less when marketing via text messaging.

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