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Text Message Marketing Tips That Grow Your Business

11% to 30% response / conversion rates? It’s certainly not mailers, autoresponders or newsletters. It is text message marketing. Texting is bigger amongst cell users than talking and this form of marketing is targeted, concise and highly effective.

How can you best use text message marketing to grow your business? Here are five tips that will get you on the right track in utilizing this amazing tool as fully as you possibly can.

Actively Collect Numbers

Use your website, email list and if you have a land-based enterprise, your business to get people to sign up for text message marketing. You might offer them a small premium to do so. Getting them on your list is as simple as having them text a keyword (PIZZA, for example) to your assigned numerical short-code.

Be sure you outline the benefits, including special offers that they will have access to immediately. Text message marketing is not just a great tool for businesses; it can be an amazing money- and time-saving option for your clients, customers or patients.

Create a Campaign

Don’t just use text message marketing randomly. Create a campaign that is planned out where text messages that are thematically linked are delivered according to a specific plan. This does not mean that you cannot send out a message at will, but, as an example, it’s a great idea to create a “Wednesday Special” text or another such targeted advertisement that goes out every week at the same time.

Target Those on Your List

In developing your text message marketing list, it is important to ask specific questions related to your business and customer interests that will allow you to target specific numbers when you want to do so. Depending on your business, questions may revolve around age, specific products, lifestyle choices and other such subjects. Keep your questions brief and to the point offering multiple-choice answers.

Offer Time Limited Deals

Time limited deals can really help to generate business. Depending on what you do and sell, the limit could be a few hours, days, a week or more. But putting limits on deals will help push people to you while ensuring that it is clear that it really is a deal of which people must take advantage before they lose the opportunity.

Effective Copy

You’ve got 160 characters to say who, what, where and how much and long with a strong call to action. The thing is text message marketing, because the copy is so short, is amazingly powerful and effective. Once you find the right words and get your copy focused people will know within seconds what you’re offering and will often make a very quick decision regarding what they will do.

Cells Are Everywhere

The cell phone is one of the few things that people always have on them. When at home, when commuting or when traveling far from home, people keep connected via their cell. Thus, it makes sense for you to use text message marketing to link with them. You’ve already got someone on the other end of the text who has said that they want to hear from your business or practice. Use that connection effectively and you’ll see great results.

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