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Mobile Text Marketing Allows Businesses to Flourish Quickly

Although commercial text message marketing is a relatively new marketing tool it is proving to be an amazingly powerful one. With text message marketing, businesses are finding that they can grow quickly, attaining an excellent return on investment (ROI) and strong profits.

There are various key components involved in establishing a potent text message marketing platform. Once these elements are in place, your business will be in position to fully utilize this amazing advertising tools full power.

Member/Opt In List

The first thing that you need is a list of people who want to receive text messages from you. Text message marketing can only work if have a member list and/or a list of people who have opted in to receive your company’s texts.  There are a few ways to get people to become a part of this list.

1.    Offer information at your place of business and ask that they sign up
2.    Place an opt in form prominently situated on your website
3.    Send a newsletter announcing your text marketing service with a mobile short code (55555) and keyword (PIZZA).
4.    Utilize all social media platforms and include a link
5.    Write a blog or a few blogs about the service

Basically, you want to give people as many chances as possible to sign on to your text marketing member list.

Specifically Targeted Prospects

In signing people up, you’ll need their basic information such as their name and cell phone number. But don’t stop there. It’s best if you can get some additional demographic information on each person such as age, where they live and likes and interests in relationship to your products. Birth dates are great because then you can send them a special offer on that special day.

You don’t want to make this process of collecting information too long or complicated but it is best to get enough information that so that you can specifically target your prospects.

The easiest way to get targeted prospects to sign-up is to have a mobile short-code and keyword so you can create advertisements that say something like “Text SUSHI to 55555 for half off any appetizer.”

Give it a Good Spin

When you ask people to become part of your text message marketing list be sure to put a good spin on it. Let them know if you are going to offer special deals, information on new products or alerts for quick sales.

What makes text message marketing attractive to the consumer is the fact that they can read an offer quickly and then make a decision. They can easily delete the message and just as easily take advantage of a bargain.

Full Utilization of Text

When you send out your targeted text messages make sure that you fully utilize your text. That is all you have. There are no vivid graphics involved or video. Plus, you only have 160 characters. What you need are:

1.    A gripping headline (20- 40 characters)
2.    Fantastic sales pitch, including any important details such as “deadline” (115- 100 characters)
3.    Strong call to action (25 characters)

Use all three elements thoroughly and efficiently.

Real Deals

Text message marketing is the real deal. Text messages are opened at over a 95% rate and the conversion rate for this type of advertising ranges from 10% to 30%! Because this is the real deal, you must make sure that you are providing real deals. Your pitches and offers need to be truthful, interesting and clearly stated. Use this great tool as soon as possible and you’ll see a quick return.

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