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10 Hot Tips for Mobile Text Marketing

Mobile text marketing has taken off as a major way to attract, keep and expand your client base. Marketing via text is extremely effective as 90% of the messages are read and the response rate ranges from 10% up to 30%.

In order to get the most from your mobile text marketing efforts, you want to be sure to use this medium as effectively and efficiently as possible. Here are 10 top tips that you can utilize to get the most from your text marketing.

Clear, Concise, Clever

There are a few basic elements that define texting that all businesses need to be aware of and use. The fact is people use text messaging to communicate because it is fast and effective. You have a total of 160 characters (including spaces) when you text. Thus, you must adhere to some basic marketing practices and standards when texting.

·    Use a short, effective, attention getting headline (about 10-30 characters).
·    Keep the body of the text clear, concise and clever (about 80-120 characters).
·    End with a strong call to action (10-30 characters).
·    Make sure they know who you are.
·    Offer a method of response for people to contact you.

You don’t want your text marketing message to be out there unanchored on someone’s phone. Be sure that this effort to connect with potential buyers and clients links you to them and them to you.

Target Receivers

To get subscribers, you can simply have people sign up for text messaging offers. However, this is ineffective. To create effective text marketing campaigns, you’ll want to outline the benefits of signing up for texting and also ask those who do sign up some questions regarding their interests. This will help you develop campaigns that target certain groups.  Here are five basics related to this process.

·    When people sign up, ask questions regarding the types of deals they’d like to hear about and categorize them.
·    When someone signs up for text marketing welcome them and offer them a deal, such as 10% off a service.
·    Create effective, targeted campaigns that offer real value to your customers.
·    Make sure any offers you send are time sensitive, including discounts for a specific day or entire week.
·    Use a text messaging marketing service to help you with your campaigns. They can make your labor light.

Expected Growth

Text message marketing is fairly new but it is rapidly growing in popularity. If you want to expand your client base, get a great rate of return and differentiate your business from the competition then this method of advertising is the way to go. Focus your message, offer value-based discounts and specials and be concise and clever. You’ll see an instant return if you do.

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