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How it Works

Mobile texting is the MOST effective advertising channel today. This is in large part because the average response rate is so high, ranging from 11% – 30%. That means if you send a text to 1,000 customers and make a call to action, you’re likely to get between 110-300 of them to take the action you want!

You simply cannot find a response rate that high with any other marketing medium offline or online. Not even close.

DC Mobile Text makes it easy to get started with your own profitable mobile text message marketing campaign. We’ve automated and simplified the process to put you on the fast track.

Getting started is as easy as these 3 steps:

1) Sign-up and Create a Campaign

You can create a variety of campaigns like keyword / short-code promotions, mobile voting, bulk SMS, appointment reminders, contests, coupons, online sign-up forms, and more. These can be set-up and ready to go in a few short minutes. Mobile marketing has never been more simple with!

2) Get New Text Subscribers and Opt-ins with Promotions

Make sure to put your call to action and mobile short code in every place possible online and offline. Some examples would be on Facebook, your business website, Television, Radio advertising, sending to your email list, billboards, postcards, or any high traffic medium.

New and current customers, patients, or clients will see your promotion to subscribe to your inner circle / VIP list, then they’ll text in. Make sure to download our free 17 page report titled “The Ultimate Mobile Text Marketing Guide” for more effective marketing strategies and lucrative ideas.

Just put your name and email to the boxes you see at the upper right of this page and the report will be instantly sent to your email!

3) Send Mobile Text Messages to your New Subscriber List

Whenever you want a flood of traffic into your business, just text your subscribers an enticing offer or coupons with a very short deadline. No need to worry about them losing the coupon since it’s all mobile! You can send a text anytime you want.

You can also let your subscribers know about upcoming events. Remember, text messages are read over 95% of the time, most being read in under 30 minutes after the message has being sent.

Your text message is practically guaranteed to be read!

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