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Very Simple to Use

The DC Mobile Text service makes running profitable mobile text marketing campaigns easy and fast. You can literally create a new campaign that virtually runs itself in only a couple minutes. You don’t need to purchase any additional software or install anything on your computer.

All Major Wireless Carriers Supported

The service currently works with major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS wireless, Virgin Mobile USA, Alaska, Alltel, Bluegrass Cellular, Boost Mobile CDMA, Boost Mobile iDEN, Cellcom, Cellular South, Centennial, Chat Mobility, Cincinnati Bell, Cox Wireless, Cricket (Leap Wireless), Dobson Cellular Systems, ECIT, East Kentucky Network, Enid/Pioneer, GCI Communication Corp., Illinois Valley Cellular, Immix Wireless, Inland Cellular, Midwest Wireless, NTELOS, Nex-Tech Wireless, Nextel Communications, Northwest Missouri Cellular, Pocket Wireless, Revol Wireless, Rural Cellular Corp., TMP/Simmetry, Thumb Cellular, US Cellular, Union Telephone, United Wireless, West Central Wireless

Free 7 Day Trial

Test-drive the DC Mobile Text service immediately so you can see why so many businesses are raving about it. We’re so confident you’ll quickly see the value and effectiveness that we’re willing to prove it to you for FREE. Just place your name and email into the box to the right on this page and receive instant, risk-free access.

Mobile Text Message Marketing

Mobile Marketing makes up a key foundation of’s all-in-one marketing. No other marketing media has proven to be as effective, speedy, and targeted. Our mobile SMS marketing platform is engaging, social and fun.

Its features include group texting, mobile keyword, mobile voting, mobile coupon, and more. All you need is an ordinary computer with Internet to access our web-based software with nothing to install.

Most of all, the service is easy and very affordable. Discover how mobile marketing can outperform email marketing, resulting in IMMEDIATE and measurable impact on your bottom-line.

* High-impact and timely delivery

* Over 90% of messages are opened

* Trendy and viral

* Positive brand image

Bulk SMS Capabilities

Businesses and organizations utilize’s web-based software for its Mobile Keyword technology and Bulk Texting Services. They utilize the Mobile Keywords to get people to opt-in to their mobile distribution list and then use our service to send Bulk SMS Text Messages to their accumulated lists.

With the DC Mobile Text Bulk SMS Texting you can:

* Send and receive text messages anywhere via our easy-to-use web user interface, your mobile phone, or our robust SMS API

* Collect mobile phone numbers using Mobile Keywords or import a list of opt-in numbers

* Tie your mobile phone to your account so that when you’re not in front of a computer you can send out a single text message from your phone and text everyone in a distribution list

* Setup recurring and automated messages to be sent out at certain days and times of the week, month, or year

* Schedule messages for future delivery time

* Compose mobile texts that automatically address each recipient by their first and last name so it’s more personal (merged fields)

* Easily select only certain area codes to send your text messages to

Mobile Keywords

Setup as many Mobile Keywords as you’d like in minutes. When people text your keyword it automatically opts their mobile number into your DC Mobile Text database. Automatic replies are texted back to people that text your Mobile Keyword, and you can customize and change this auto-responder text at any time.

* Send the auto response message once per mobile number, every time the keyword is texted, or once per time frame (day, hour, week, or month). You can also send an Alternate Auto Response text message if someone has already texted your keyword before.

* People can text your Mobile Keyword followed by a message they want to send you. All of their messages will be captured in your DC Mobile Text inbox or you can have them forwarded to an email or mobile phone of your choice.

* Automated and recurring messages can be sent to any new keyword signups. So if someone texts your Mobile Keyword you can setup an automatic text to be sent to them on day 1, day 5, day 30, day 100, etc.

* Have a notification texted to your mobile phone or emailed to you when somebody texts your keyword so you can follow up right away.

Mobile Appointment Reminders and Reservations

If your service or business depends on appointments or reservations, you need to minimize missed opportunities as much as possible. After all, each missed appointment or reservation means lost revenue!

Unlike annoying automated phone calling systems, text message reminders are a non-intrusive way of saying you care and an automated way of increasing your revenue. Our easy-to-use text message reminder service pays for itself with just a single saved opportunity and is the most effective and least expensive way to keep your business or service at full capacity.

The best part is that the mobile text message reminders service incredibly affordable, and any business or organization can setup and start sending SMS reminders in minutes. All you need is a computer with Internet access!

It’s time to let your staff focus on something more important than making repetitive reminder phone calls, and never allow your clients, patients or customers put up with intrusive automated phone calls again!

Mobile Coupons

Watch your customer response grow with Mobile Coupons! Traditional retail coupons are great until you have to worry about planning, scheduling, printing/reprinting, and mailing costs. Even then, customers can forget to bring in their redeemable coupon. combines the power of electronic coupons and the convenience of mobile phones with its Mobile Coupon features.

Maximize your marketing strategy with the speed, convenience, and positive return from Mobile Coupons. You can now electronically offer free gifts, % discounts, incentives, and reminders with’s Mobile Coupon platform.

Mobile Coupons are a great way to:

* Have immediate impact on your business

* Eliminate printing and mailing costs

* Track redemption rates

* Minimize investment in your POS (Point of Sale) set-up

Mobile Voting

SMS Voting is one of the most commonly used features of‘s mobile messaging solutions. It’s easy to use, quick to get setup, and has become very popular because of the many television and radio stations that have been utilizing this technology for years. American Idol is a great example.

Facebook Widgets is pleased to announce our very own Facebook Widget! It’s a great way to connect with your existing fans, friends, and other active users who are on Facebook every single day! Collect peoples’ contact info and have it automatically update your DC Mobile Text database so you don’t have to do a single thing. It’s easy to set-up, too.

Make sure to do a lot of advertising and let your Facebook fans know to go to your sign-up widget. Remember: The more you advertise it, the more contact info you’ll collect, which is a KEY factor in determining how effective your marketing campaigns will be.

Features Include:

* Simple wizards for collecting sign-ups

* Custom background templates

* Custom auto-responders via text message, IM, and email for each sign-up

* Address book storing all your sign-ups

* Shortened sign-up URLs

* Ability to embed the sign-up widget right on your website

Online Sign-up Forms

Now you can create a stylish Online Sign-up Page to link from your website. Choose from 3 different ways to collect peoples’ contact information! As people enter their info it automatically populates your DC Mobile Text database. Who said database management had to be hard?

Incredible ROI

It’s well known that the average text message open rate is above 90%. To put it in perspective, the average email open rate is a low 15%. Text message marketing has a 10x better conversion ratio than email, online or offline marketing, too. Direct mail or traditional advertising doesn’t come close in terms of response rate either.

The saying is, “If you want to practically guarantee your message gets delivered, send a text!”