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Anti-Spam Policy and DCincome, LLC have a NO TOLERANCE spam policy. DC Mobile Text’s customer support monitors large email imports as well as emails, instant messages, and mobile texts for the sole purpose of minimizing complaints on unwanted spam. Any account found to be using for spam will be suspended without notice. If you know of or suspect any violators, please notify us immediately at Any unused credit or remaining service fee will not be refunded.

* and DCincome, LLC are strong supporters of a spam-free communication environment.
* and DCincome, LLC believe in OPT-IN messaging for distribution lists.
* All imported email addresses must be OPT-IN email addresses.

What do and DCincome, LLC consider Spam?

Spam is any unsolicited email, instant message, or mobile text. By sending emails, instant messages, and mobile texts to only those who have requested to receive them (opted-in), you are following’s permission-based messaging guidelines.

What constitutes a Preexisting business relationship?

The recipient of your email, instant message, or mobile text has made a purchase, requested information, responded to a questionnaire or a survey, or had offline contact with you.

What constitutes consent?

The recipient of your email, instant message, or mobile text has been clearly and fully notified of the collection and use of his/her contact information and has consented prior to such collection and use. This is often called informed consent.

How Does and DCincome, LLC protect you from sending SPAM? is a permission-based mobile communication tool that follows the strictest permission-based philosophies:

* Communication -Your Online Sign-up page must state why you are collecting the person’s contact information, how you plan to use the contact information, and must follow’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

* Verification – automatically sends all of your new contacts an email or mobile text confirming their interest in receiving messages from you.

* Unsubscribe – Every email and instant message sent from the platform contains an unsubscribe link which allows your contacts to opt-out of future emails and instant messages and automatically updates your contact lists by removing the user. The same thing happens if a user replies to any mobile text via with “STOP” command.

Take the Spam Test

1. Are you importing a purchased email list of ANY kind?
2. Are you sending to non-specific email addresses such as:,,,, or other general email addresses?
3. Are you sending to email distribution lists which send indirectly to a variety of email addresses?
4. Are you sending emails, instant messages, or mobile texts to anyone who has not opted-in and explicitly agreed to join your distribution list?
5. Do your emails, instant messages, or mobile texts contain false or misleading information?

If you have answered YES to ANY of the above questions you will likely be labeled a SPAMMER. For more information contact Customer Support.